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An Educator goes Rogue

I often wonder whether I was born in a library, between the stacks.  I've surrounded myself with books since I can remember.  I had a fantastic imagination, so what I didn't find in books I created for myself and others.  As college and graduate education took me further and further from fiction and demanded attention to rigorous academic and scientific literature, I mostly, sadly, put aside the fiction (reading and writing).  But now, even as an educator, I'm ready for my second act!  Nothing can suppress my newfound itch to write for publication.  Tavi's eye is on interracial romance, but I'm also partial to other genres (under a different name).  I hope to soon populate this site and have much more news to share with you!  Thanks for visiting!

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Degrees in Love

Feb 6, 2020

My first novel!  Pre-order Degrees in Love:

She knows the behavioral science behind any problem... except for the one in her heart

For thirty-two years, Laney Travers has handled a lot of problems, but a relationship with a white man wasn’t one. Her love affair with gorgeous Tie Stevens seemed destined, however. She fell in love with his voice over the radio waves nearly three years ago. When Laney finally crosses paths with Tie at his talk and book signing, sparks fly between the two, and like two moths to flickering lights, they find themselves inseparable in bed and out of it.

But are they?

As a psychology professor, Laney can’t help but evaluate her interracial relationship through a socio-political lens, a cause of potential strife. Tie disagrees but secretly worries about maintaining his relationship with Laney because of his self-made status. When it comes to diplomas, he doesn’t stack up.

And Laney has a shameful secret that is enough to keep her from admitting her emotions. Is their chemistry one for the books or just a theory?

"An enjoyable read that touches on many subjects, interracial dating, sexual harassment, education level. Basically love is love, no matter what your skin color or level of education is and you can't fight that. Loved the characters, plenty of humor."sbart79 Bookbub


"Wayne takes on a serious subject matter in the cutest way. Laney and Tie are clueless when it comes to love and all the stereotypes that go with it. Degrees in Love is a smartly written romance about an often misjudged subject. Love is love, no matter the color, sex, class or age and that is a beautiful thing" Isha C, Bookbub.

"A wonderfully written story about college professor and a radio show host who meet at a book signing. Laney Travers had a thing for Tie Stevens just from hearing his voice on his daily talk show. When they meet in person, there is an instant attraction. What follows next could ruin their new relationship. Laney starts to worry what people will think of their interracial relationship. It takes a lot for Laney to overcome this, but eventually, her and Tie find their happily ever after.

This is the first book by this author that I have read and I will definitely be reading more. The book was very detailed, enlightening and entertaining." PeleGirl, Amazon, Kindle edition

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“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

Franz Kafka

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